I started Assorted, Inc. in an evolutionary push to evolve the human experience. To inspire conversation that can enlighten. It's life in theory: Proving that we can all achieve something greater, no matter where we are in life. Making everyday an experiment to push our potentials.  

I have an innate sense to share my experiences with the world but I was apprehensive to acknowledge my passion as my purpose. The question, in my own mind, lies in torment. My heart longs for more experience from the world, but what do I have to give in return for such beauty? Only to be me, in light and darkness. To give up anonymity so that others can find their way to expanded awareness. I've had a long journey to finding the truth and meaning in my life and I want to help others do the same.  I wanted in all conscience to share this, but the path had been muddled by "reality". Abandoning the traditional terms of reality, I'm sharing notions that are not tangible, that science is only beginning to explain. I'm coming to terms with being uncomfortable, with being unrealistic. I'm coming to terms with a life less ordinary. 


 have any good ideas? or just say hi: jess@assortedinc.com