8 Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids: Phrases That Create and Reinforce Limited Mindsets

One of the biggest goals in my life is to make sure I've given my daughter all the tools she needs to be happy and successful. My biggest fear is failing her. Through my research I've found that the words that we say to our children have a lasting effect, it's not just in one ear and out the other like we think. From around two years of age and up until five or six we have predominantly theta brainwaves which are associated with learning retention and creativity. This is why children absorb information at a faster rate than adults and, for example, why children are more receptive to learning a second language during this time. These predominantly theta brainwaves help retain information in a primal attempt to stay alive. As we grow older our brains have decided that we know enough to keep ourselves alive and so go into mostly beta waves during waking times and occasional alpha waves. 

I've created this infographic to illustrate some of the negative language we use with children and perhaps our own self-talk. This is how a limited mindset starts and gets stuck. By curbing this type of negativity we can help our children open their minds to greater possibilities and expanded awareness. Trying to reprogram your mindset later in life can be a long, difficult struggle. Avoid that by giving your children the tools they need to build a healthy mindset from the beginning. 

The take away from this post: There's a science behind the brain and we're not using it to the fullest potential.