Lessons I learned from Too $hort: “The first thing you need to do is set yourself some goals…

...Think positive, everything else is old. And work hard, never stop hustling.” If only I would have heeded this advice when I first heard "Gettin' It" back in '96. I think these two lines sum up all of my posts to date! When I was living with a limited mindset, I felt my life was like a series of vignettes. Perhaps not rooted down in any given reality and at any moment I could have spun off into some other parallel universe. All could fall apart on a dime. Nothing was solid or permanent. Not even the feelings I'd kept closest to my heart. Things change. People change and grow. Ten years go by, I suddenly pulled out feelings I thought hadn't changed and there I was, alone, clouded with doubt about the very fabric of life and second guessing gravity. Faltering on everything I'd ever known. I felt like I could have fallen off the earth if I believed in nothing.

Maybe for a moment I told myself I didn't believe in anything, which meant I didn't believe in myself. So there I was standing at the edge of the earth ready to give up on everything. 

The human spirit is resilient if we listen, if we let it be. The power I had was elusive at the time. Now I know what the human mind is capable of, made so dull by limitations from every outside source from the time we're born. Setting a clear goal was the first step I took in changing the way I think. It may seem fundamental but in my limited mindset it was futile for me to set goals when I believed I would never achieve them. 

I learned that setting goals is not only helpful in organizing day to day things but necessary when mapping out big life goals. The universe can't deliver what you don't specifically ask for. Having a clear goal is key to achieving what you want. When I went about setting a life goal I took some advice from Bob Proctor. You may have heard of him from "The Secret" and his work with the law of attraction. He said, "Set a goal to achieve something so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time." 

This video from Bob is great motivation to set big goals for yourself. 

The take away from this post: Believing in your goals and that you can achieve them is key to getting what you want out of life.